Stands out and award winners from FBU Las Vegas

Football University hit the road again over the weekend for a one-day camp in the state of Nevada. 247Sports has some of the best performers and award winners after consulting with the FBU coaching staff who were on hand to join the action in Las Vegas.

FBU Las Vegas

Gatorade “G” Award Winners

  • WR/TE Chase Otteson – At 5-foot 11 and 165 pounds Otteson is almost strictly a wide receiver, but that hasn’t stopped him from impressing the FBU coaching staff in Las Vegas. FBU’s Erik Richards said Otteson was “almost beyond redemption” in the Sunday slot and at times he looked like a fellow Nevada native and No. 2 wide receiver. 1 of 247Sports in the 2023 class Branch of Zechariah. Overall, Otteson’s performance at FBU Las Vegas should be put on the radar of several college programs across the country and especially in the West.
  • QB Ace Amina (2028) – For those of you who don’t know the FBU fields have been around for over 20 years and Richards has been a part of the operation since its inception so has seen a lot of perspective over the years. Richards raved about Amina after FBU Las Vegas and told 247Sports that he compares with the likes of Trevor Lorenzo at a similar age. He has played youth soccer at a high level and will be attending the powerful Bishop Gorman for high school. Finally, after the camp performance she had at the FBU in Las Vegas, keep Amina’s name in mind for the future.

Invited to National Associations

  • QB Kaneal Sweetwyne (2026) – Utah native Sweetwyne is a huge middle school prospect at 6-foot-4 and with that big frame comes great arm talent that he showcased at the FBU in Las Vegas. After his performance at the camp he earned an invitation to the National Combine to the All-American Bowl which will allow him to compete against other talented middle school prospects.
  • OL Logan Nibbelin (2025) – Nibbelin is a reigning FBU Freshman All-American and he showcased that talent this weekend at FBU Las Vegas. At 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds he’s somewhat limited size-wise, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in skill and strength of play. If Nibbelin continues to perform like he did at the FBU in Las Vegas, then he’ll do well at the National Combine at the All-American Bowl.
  • OL Demetri Manning (2025) – Manning is a massive 6-foot-7 and 340-pound offensive tackle prospect, so it’s no surprise that he put on quite a show during the competition portion of FBU Las Vegas. He already has some Power Five offers and is expected to pick up more after the National Combine at the All-American Bowl next winter.

Here are a few more talented prospects who have earned invitations to the National Combine at the All-American Bowl: 2026 running backs Dylan Cobbs2026 Wide/narrow receiver Boston Ashe2026 defensive lineman Devin Clark2026 defensive lineman Tanielu Maafala-Barbasadefender of 2025 Antwan Dos Santos Giurado and 2026 defensive Isaiah Nickel.

Here are the other high school champions who have been named to the All-Camp team: RB Jhadis Luckey (2026), RB Aiden Nsubuga (2025), WR/TE Mason Wayne (2025), WR/TE Uchenna Uduji-John (2025), OL Jayden Jagmohan, DL Lucas Farley (2025), LB Taleni Liua (2026 ), LB Luca Colli (2026), DB Aiden Zehner and DB Samuel Christopher.

Additionally, 2027 quarterbacks Landon Holley and Hayes Cloutier impressed the FBU coaching staff along with 2027 Wesley Winn Jr. who already has an offer from Georgia. On the defensive end of the ball for the 2027 middle school lineup, Hayden Stepp has worked his way onto the FBU Freshman All-American Bowl radar.

Overall, there were several middle school prospects that caught the attention of the FBU coaching staff. With dozens of sixth, seventh and eighth graders named to the all-court team. This means they will have a chance to compete at the FBU Top Gun Showcase this summer.

Here is the middle school All-Camp team: QB Hayes Cloutier (2027), QB Landen Holley (2027), QB Ryne Olsen (2027), RB Bryce Keener (2027), RB Anderson Acosta (2028), RB Corey Hinton (2028), WR/TE Wesley Winn Jr. ( 2027), WR/TE Kai Tschen (2028), WR/TE Levi DeVreese (2028), WR/TE Kristopher Lee (2028), WR/TE Harley Fisher (2027), WR/TE Jack Junker (2027), WR/ TE Dalton Hargraves (2027), Ol Tyler Avery (2028), Ol Jayzce Price (2029), Ol Clifton Young (2027), OL John Lucas (2027), DL Josiah Smith (2028), DL Lincoln Uiagalelei (2027), DL Jibri Abdullah II (2028), DL Parker Nuciforo (2029), LB Phillip Wilson III (2027), LB Aleksander Gabryluk-Melendez (2029), LB Niko Gabryluk-Melendez (2027), DB Hayden Stepp (2027) and DB Eric McFarland (2027).

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