WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Votes: The Bloodline is way ahead of Night of Champions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all words speak the truth. Roman Reigns and The Bloodline stood out in the final moments of WWE SmackDown, but the reality is that Reigns has never been alone more.

The Night of Champions homecoming show concluded with Reigns lifting all four tag team championship belts over his head. It was a dominant display from WWE’s most dominant champion. In truth, Reigns is becoming more and more of The Bloodline’s weak link with each passing week.

SmackDown also featured a United States Championship match between Austin Theory and Sheamus, as well as a final test for AJ Styles prior to the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions.

CBS Sports was with you all night with recaps and highlights of all the action from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Bloodline stands tall on wobbly legs

The entire bloodline gathered for a match in their locker room. Special Counsel Paul Heyman, at Reigns’ request, informed the Usos that while they will not be in attendance at Night of Champions, the twins are invited to celebrate Reigns’ 1,000 days as Universal Champion. It was expressed by Heyman that Reigns especially wanted Jey Uso to be featured.

Jimmy Uso mocked him, wondering why Reigns had such an attitude. Jimmy Uso got up, informing the family that he was hungry and that he was going to get something to eat. Reigns asked Jimmy Uso to sit down. The former tag team champion silently refused, standing. Reigns got in Jimmy Uso’s face and taunted him to “do something”. Reigns promised that he would scream Jimmy Uso like he did when they were kids. Reigns insisted that Jimmy Uso recognize, obey and respect the breadwinner. Jey Uso intervened, walking away with his brother and telling Reigns they would see him next week.

The closing segment of the night was advertised as an edition of “The KO Show” with Owens and Zayn with guests Reigns and Sikoa. The Usos struck out on their own and stepped into the ring. Owens praised the decision, informing the Usos that he was with them that he really wanted to talk. Owens said Zayn still cares about the Usos despite everything that has gone on between the two sides. Owen dubbed the Usos as the greatest tag team in history and stated that Reigns could claim to be the “head of the table”, but the Usos are the heart. A heated Jimmy Uso proclaimed that they are still the greatest tag team and proclaimed himself “The Tribal Chief”.

Queue a pissed off Reigns, who entered the ring and snatched the mics out of the brothers’ hands. Zayn chuckled, informing Reigns that his family was falling apart and that it was Reigns’ fault. Reigns shoved Zayn and was handed a receipt in the form of an Owens stunner. A fight broke out with the title champions getting the better of the Usos. Only Sikoa emerged as the big draw and set up both of his foes with Samoan Spikes. Jey Uso handed Sikoa a pair of tag team titles, a spiritual acknowledgment of their impending victory. Jimmy Uso couldn’t part with the other pair and refused to hand them over to Reigns. Jey Uso convinced his brother of him, took the titles and handed them over to Reigns. SmackDown aired with Reigns lifting all four top tag team championships.

Another week, another great episode anchored by The Bloodline. Jimmy Uso has largely been a supporting character in The Bloodline’s story, so it’s great to see him front and center. Jimmy Uso was the basic strength of the family, its peacemaker, its glue. Reigns has lost control of Jimmy Uso and this will precede a death blow for the tribe. Owens and Zayn played phenomenal mind games. Owens is presented as gruff and hostile. Owens supporting the Usos carries weight and that was reflected in Jimmy Uso nicknaming himself “The Tribal Chief,” a statement that elicited audible gasps from the audience. Words have enormous weight in this story. There were more fine wrinkles in the closing segment. Sikoa continued to be the big draw and it’s starting to look like he might be an even bigger in-ring threat than his leader. Reigns’ closing show holding all four tag titles was the perfect snapshot of his inflated ego. WWE is not calling in these pre-taped shows in the Triple H era. Grade: A+

What else happened to WWE SmackDown?

  • US Championship — Theory def. Sheamus via pin with a schoolboy pin following Pretty Deadly’s interference.
  • Raquel Rodriguez and Bayley defeated. Damages CTLR (Bayley and Iyo Sky) with pinfall after Rodriguez hit Bayley with a fold slam.
  • Cameron Grimes def. Ashante “Thee” Adonis via pin after knocking him down with a Cave-In.
  • Asuka blinded Bianca Belair, grabbing onto her arm before the Raw Women’s Title match. Belair tried to deliver a KOD to Asuka, but the interfering staff caught the challenger.
  • THE Knight def. Rick Boogs via pin after planting it with BFT. He confronted the Street Profits after the game, who were on commentary duty.
  • def. styles Kross via pin after hitting him with a phenomenal forearm.

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